Why a surprise gift is the best gift

As a 10 yr old, I was the ultimate brat.

You know the type. The one that constantly pushes the envelope. If I found anything that had a little bend, I’d bend it until it broke, just to see what happened. The one who’d stick their fingers in the fancy cake grandma made for a special occasion. You get the picture.

Christmas Day, 1982, it all came back to bite me hard.

I’ve been passionate about music from a very early age, particularly guitar. When I was 10, it was the key to a whole new world. Playing daily, I started getting pretty good at it. A few days before Christmas (as all horror kids do), I went searching for my Christmas gift, hoping to find a proper steel stringed guitar.

We lived on a farm in a small regional town, so I knew getting something so brilliant was a long-shot. But I also knew last minute shopping wasn’t an option and more than likely, the oldies already had gifts for myself and my siblings stashed away somewhere. After sneaking around the woolshed, machinery sheds and cupboards, I finally found a stunningly beautiful Ibanez guitar under Mum and Dad’s bed.


Initially, I was smirking like a galah, smug that I’d outsmarted them, but soon, a different feeling took over. I was devastated.

Don’t get me wrong. This was EXACTLY what I wanted. The perfect gift, but now it wasn’t a surprise.

In ruining the surprise for myself, I’d ruined all the fun we usually had in the lead-up to Christmas. No more sleepless Christmas Eve, no more guessing games with my siblings, no more heart-stopping unwrapping. When I did eventually get to unwrap it, I even had to fake surprise for my parents. I felt terrible, and I promised myself that I’d never snoop again. (Not when it comes to gifts at least!).

Fast forward 20+ years… I still have that very same Ibanez guitar (along with a few others) and it’s still one of my faves.

If you’re already organising a gift for someone, keeping it a surprise can change the whole experience. Here are our top reasons to keep things a surprise:

  • You get to see their genuine reaction. Do you really want to deny yourself the experience of watching the joy spread across their face? It’s just not the same when they already know what they’re getting.
  • It’s not a bank transaction. We’ve all heard the saying ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and it’s true. Keeping things a surprise means you keep the focus on the message behind it and away from how much it costs. My wife gave me a dry leaf as a gift once and it’s more valuable to me than plenty of other more expensive gifts!
  • Anticipation is way more than half the fun. Gift giving is a whole experience, for the giver and the receiver. Letting anticipation build up means you both can draw out the experience even longer. Want to make it even more fun? Drop some cheeky hints in the lead up.
  • The unwrapping experience is exciting. Opening a surprise gift that someone’s gone to the effort of preparing specially for you is exciting! Hormones and adrenaline start swirling through your body, physically elevating the whole thing!

“But what if they don’t like the gift? I don’t want to waste my time or money, or worse- disappoint them!”

We hear you. And it’s a fair point.

That’s why we created the GiftMatcher. It’s a simple quiz based on Psychologically defined personality traits and the interests of the person you’re buying for. Answer the questions and we’ll give you ideas and recommendations matched to that person! Use it as a starting point for your gift searching, or simply grab one of our beautifully packaged, personalised gift boxes.

Try the GiftMatcher now.

What are your thoughts on surprises? Drop a comment below if you’re with me or if you have a different perspective.

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