Finding the perfect gift

Buying somebody the perfect gift feels amazing. That moment when they open it and their face lights up, even down the track when you see them actually using and enjoying it– admit it. It feels great.

It’s also not easy.

Before launching Troppolicious, we did some digging into what people found the most challenging when trying to buy the perfect gift.

So we went and asked a lot of people to finish this sentence: “When it comes to buying gifts I WISH…”

Holy Moly… turns out people have a lot of struggles when it comes to gift buying- it felt like that question unleashed a whole therapy session for some people! Despite the rush, there were a few clear and consistent problems that most people seemed to have in common when trying to find a great gift.

People wanted to be mind readers.
Seriously. We had a stack of answers from people ranging from

“I wish I knew what they liked” (Erin), to

“If only there was some kind of special formula that I could plug in some details about my person and it would pop out unique, fun & surprising gift ideas” (Katerina), and even this one

“I wish there was a ‘gift predictor’ that could suggest what a person might like & offer options” (Rebecca).

Not to mention our favourite (the classic) “I wish…my man could read my mind”  (Manja).

Sorry, Manja, we don’t have superpowers, but not all is lost. We had a hunch something like this was really needed because, well, we feel exactly the same. And we’ve been working on a solution.

Want to know what it is? Let me introduce you to the Troppolicious Gift Matcher.

What’s Gift Matcher?

The short answer: the Gift Matcher is the thing that’ll forever cement you into the hall of fame of ‘best gift-givers’ ever.

The slightly longer answer: It’s a quiz.
You answer a series of questions about the lucky gift-receiver-to-be. We’ll ask about their likes, dislikes, and personality traits using the Big 5 Personality Model in Psychology.

Based on the answers, we’ll do some complex mathematics and give you a selection of premium gift boxes that we predict they’ll love. Each one is full of hard-to-find Australian goodies. High quality, sustainable, unique, and certain to be loved.

Best of all? It’s free, fun, and fast.

So we’ve solved the challenge of what to get. The next biggie was getting it on time.

Turns out a lot of people are thoughtful but forgetful. It came up many times in the interviews that a little nudge to help remember those important dates would be very welcome.

“… I hate leaving it too late. I wish I could plan ahead, but It creeps up on me” (Margie)

Same Margie, Same.

Fortunately, it’s a big issue with a seriously simple fix. We built a quick and easy gift reminder that helps you remember those important dates in time to organise gifts. (Add a free reminder on our homepage.)

Unfortunately, we couldn’t help everyone (Tata wanted “… someone else to pay for them 😉” ), but as it is, Troppolicious makes finding the perfect gift a whole lot easier.

We’re all about convenience (and we know people skim read), so here’s a 3 point summary of everything:

To us, that sounds just about perfect but we want to hear what YOU think too!

So…when it comes to buying gifts, what’s your wish? (leave a comment below)


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