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A mix of strategy + science + art. Our 5 step process provides a relationship insurance policy for the most important people to your business.

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“Troppolicious was the perfect solution curating an incredible, bespoke gift box. The feedback was AMAZING!!!!

Quite literally every single client contacted us to say it was THE BEST gift box they have ever received!”

Kristy Williams
Commercial Director

“WOW!!! was a word spoken a lot over the last few days, promptly followed by “what and amazing gift!”

After 3 days, 1000+ meetings, the Troppolicious gift boxes remained one of the biggest topics of conversation. Thank You!!!”

Fiona John
Australian Tourism Export Council

“Maintaining a strong working relationship with our dentists is a key part of our business success.

Troppolicious put together incredible, customised gift boxes for our VIP dentists & they were an absolute smash hit. It’s such a great way to acknowledge & show our appreciation to our VIP’s.”

Dr Paul Lane
Lane Orthodontics

“I am so pleased with Allison & the team at Troppolicious!

Being in a predominately male dominated industry, it was important to get a gift that suited my clients interests & Troppolicious did this perfectly. I will certainly be working with them going forward.”

Rebecca Chappell
Plum Marketing 

"Troppolicious featured in SMH's Christmas Gift Guide"

Did you know…
it costs 5 x as much to attract a new customer, compared to keep an existing one?



The likelihood of you selling more to existing customers is 60%-70%.



Only 18% of companies focus more on retention than acquisition. Be ahead of the game.



Increasing customer retention rates by as little as 5% translates to 25%-95% increase in profits.

If a gift isn’t personal. Forget it…

In a recent Global Culture Report (2021) which studied over 40,000 employees across 20 countries, 70% of employees say recognition is most meaningful to them when it is personalised.

Don’t keep making these common mistakes.


  • Only send gifts for anniversaries, birthdays & Christmas
    (you’re lost in the noise of everyone else)
  • Gift with foods, gift cards or flowers
    (they’re common ‘one off’ moments to impress & frankly – lazy)
  • Put your logo on corporate gifts
    (if you do, it becomes a promotion, not a gift)


  • Use gifts to surprise, delight & appreciate VIP’s.
    (strengthen your connections, with no strings attached gifts) 
  • Laser focus on a select list of VIP’s, not everyone.
    (the ROI on selected VIP’s is far greater than ‘gesture gifts’ to all)  
  • Give useful, personalised gifts of the highest quality.
    (they’ll remember and talk about you often (a.k.a organic referrals) 


  1. Identify – Who makes a real difference to your business.
  2. Budget – How much should you re-invest to protect & grow profit.
  3. Profile – What are your VIP’s likes / dislikes / interests?
  4. Curate – Source & personalise the perfect gifts.
  5. Execute – A complete end to end fulfilment & logistics service.

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FAQ's & Tips

Internationally acclaimed expert John Ruhlin from Gift-ology explains it well.

“It happens when you create a moment in time, not some stupid gift card, but a gifting experience that’s so powerful it creates a spike of emotion. It’s not the thought that counts… it’s the truly THOUGHTFUL thought.”

“Once you have a deep, meaningful emotional connection it can never go  backwards. Studies have shown that our emotional memory is deeper and longer lasting than our rational memory.”

When you make people FEEL something through a gift, it changes the relationship forever.

Most business leaders only send ‘A-B-C gifts’ (Anniversaries, Birthdays & Christmas).

A couple a major problems with this is :

  1. That’s when everyone else sends gifts too – so it’s really hard to cut through the noise.  
  2. It doesn’t come with any emotional benefit of surprise, delight or appreciation. Sending gifts when they least expect it will stand out as special.

When it comes to choosing the right gift, we have a long list of do’s and don’ts. Here are a few of our non-negotiables. 

  • Determine the personality profile of the recipient. We each have a unique personality and understanding this can be really beneficial. (we’ve built a tool to do just that) 
  • No matter what the gift is, it has to be of the highest quality. It can not feel cheap or lazy – ever (a.k.a ‘don’t buy a gift card’).
  • It has to have a strong element of usefulness for the recipient & ideally, something they will use often.
  • Forget gifting one off consumables like, food, alcohol, flowers. They need to remember you over and over again – consumables are gone in a blink.
  • Is the gift aligned to the value this relationship brings to your business?
  • Does it pass the Pub test? Does it truly feel like an awesome gift they’d really want?
  • Is the timing right? Are they going to feel surprised, delighted or appreciated when they receive the gift?. In no way, shape, or form can it feel like a ‘you owe me something’ gift. It has to be authentic.

Traditional corporate gift companies focus on the cost of the gift and convincing you WHAT the gift might be.  

We ignore this to begin with and focus on WHO the gift is for

So, the first thing you need to do is create a list of potential VIP’s. Not everyone you interact with impacts your bottom line in the same way. You need to be ruthless. You can’t simply put every employee, client and referral partner on the list. 

Strategic Gifting expert, John Ruhlin says “strategic gifting is all about playing favourites“.

Who will give you a 10-100 x ROI on the gift investment?

**Gift tip, identify VIP’s who you would feel comfortable sending a gift to their spouse. Why? When you can send useful, luxury gifts that both a VIP & their spouse can enjoy, the benefits are significantly bigger!

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It will be no more than 20 minutes of your time and we can get you started on a strategic gifting plan for your business. You can choose to DIY or use our expertise to manage the entire process. 

We can help you:

  • Determine the right target recipients and budget
  • Source and procure the perfect gifts
  • Manage the logistics of customisation, gift card messaging, packing, sending and following up.