Buying gifts for men

How do you buy that awesome gift for a bloke? It seems to be one of life’s curious, unanswered questions. I mean – you’d swear we are talking about an alien life form. Why are men so bloody hard to buy for? Is it really that difficult to find a great gift that guys go gaga over? Apparently yes.

Well guess what. Here’s the deal. It’s likely because of the distinct personality differences between men and women. That’s right. Studies have suggested that around 18% of women have a similar personality to men and about 18% of men have a similar personality to women… which also means the vast majority of men have pretty distinct personalities all to themselves.

“Psychologically, men and women are almost a different species,” said study researcher Paul Irwing, of the University of Manchester, in the United Kingdom. Men tend to be more dominant and emotionally stable, while women tend to be more sensitive, warm and apprehensive, the study found.

Okay – so if we roll with this theory for a minute there are a few things worth knowing. If you can understand the personality of your guy, you’re a long way in front when it comes to a gift.

We have a great GiftMatcher that does exactly that by the way – you can try it here. We’ve put down some general personality traits we think stand up to the test when it comes to men.

  1. They won’t lift the roof with celebration when you give them a gift.
    Being (apparently) more emotionally stable also means they are just not as ‘expressive’. Unless their footy team won the grand final in a nail biter, don’t expect them to cheer from the rafters very often. This doesn’t mean the gift you give is a complete fail, so don’t let that little voice in your head tell you they didn’t like the gift. It just means they’re not quite as expressive with their inner cheer squad as their female counterpart when it comes to celebrations.
  2. They’re competitive. 
    Dominant personalities =  I like a challenge …or any form of stupid competition. This opens up some great left of field ideas for buying gifts for guys. It doesn’t have to be all about beating their chest like a Gorilla. Think about buying puzzles & brain twisters, challenge them to learn a new skill like learning an instrument, magic tricks or growing a plant. They can all be fun options for the right guy.
  3. They like to brag
    Some do it by stealth and only brag within the inner sanctum of other blokes … some are loud and proud. Either way – most men do it in one way or another. Give them a few things that are unique and ideally items they’ll never expect. Think about a funky tie or a spicy chilli sauce they can hardly consume. Why? So they can brag about with their mates of course. They’re a pretty simple creature you know. 
  4. Make it a multi-item gift. 
    Men and women might be distinctly different when it comes to personality traits, but one thing we have in common is we both love a fun experience. Men may not show it quite so much, but the joy of getting a surprise, opening a box of unknown goodness… all in front of friends and family really does float their boat. A box full of different delights is always going to be a winner v’s one big spend when it comes men. It’s a safe bet that something in the box will be a hit and tick all the boxes, no matter the size or value.

It you want to skip the science and just cut to the chase, you can always check out our ‘Bloke’licious gift box. Good luck with your manly gift hunt and remember, the magic of ‘opening up the box’ becomes a real memory and that’s the end-goal for any special pressie. 

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