This is us. Allison & Jason, founders of Troppolicious. It’s safe to say we’re ‘up-for-a-challenge’ types. Having both had successful corporate careers in Sydney, we threw it all in and ventured to Cairns (because we bought a tropical flower farm of course).

The idea of Troppolicious started circling in our heads as we perfected the art of sending gift boxed flowers, direct to our customers door.

As a small business with a great Aussie product people would often say ‘I had no idea they even existed’. We noticed this over and over as we stumbled across other local hidden gems, that no-one seemed to know about. We knew we had to start something. Make it super easy to find the perfect gift.

“Let’s create gift boxes injected with personality. Full of hidden gems, exclusively from creative Aussie sellers. Bright, fresh, fun and sophisticated (…and earth friendly, naturally)”

Ready, set… hang on let’s validate first. Does anyone else like the idea? Do they really need this service? After a bunch of market research – it was clear they did (yay!). In the process, we uncovered some much bigger issues that we never even knew existed, so we set about solving them too.

It was one simple question that made it crystal clear for us what people wanted.

“When it comes to buying a gift, I wish…?”

Holy cow – what an overwhelming response. We quickly discovered three important things people wanted from a gift business.

  1. super-human powers to read minds (& find the perfect gift).
  2. memory like an elephant (to never forgot a date).
  3. a way to buy gifts with others (and have everyone chip in $)

We can’t grant superpowers, but we can problem solve.

“so, let us take the hardwork, legwork & guesswork out of giving a crazy good gift…”


We developed a personality profiler that matches our gift boxes to people’s personality traits, likes, dislikes, age, gender and more. We’ve made it super-simple (and fun) for the buyer.


There’s also a free reminder service that helps everyone who’s thoughtful, but a little forgetful when it comes to buying gifts. We send a little reminder nudge before the date (we’ve all been there).


…and our fave. Every Troppolicious gift box can be bought easily with others. One person (the organiser) selects the perfect gift, others chip in their share of the $. Think teachers gifts, coaches, weddings…

Now you know our story, we’re sure you’re still thinking what’s with the quirky name?
Troppo (go crazy) licious (something delightful). We create gift boxes so good, people go crazy over them.