About Us

We’re the co-founders of Troppolicious!, Allison & Jason Nealon. After many years working in both large and small businesses, including running our own, we identified a real gap in Australian gifting market. 

When it came to top-shelf gifts for special occasions & important business relationships, people wanted to give more than the same ole’ hampers, wines, candles & soaps. They were looking for something super-special. Gifts that were personalised & connected with people in a truly meaningful way. 

So, we set about developing a completely new style of gifting service specialising in premium gift boxes injected with personality. Full of hidden gems, exclusively from creative Aussie sellers. Bright, fresh, fun & sophisticated …& earth friendly, naturally.

We really got ‘under the hood’ of the science, psychology and art of gifting. 
There’s a right & wrong way to gift and we can show you how to do it right. 

This is us. Allison & Jason. Founders of Troppolicious

We help two specific groups of people

EXTRAORDINARY GIFT GIVERS – We offer masterfully assembled ready-to-ship staples. We’re talking about premium gift stories, think 6 gifts in one brilliant box. They’re created around specific interests like music, fitness, gardening, eco, relaxation, home & more. Absolutely jam packed with quality and the best bit… we’ve cleverly enabled the ability to send the gift as a group.
Learn about Gift Together  here.

BUSINESS LEADERS – We use a well defined process to curate custom collections for business leaders wanting to protect & strengthen the relationships they have with the most important people to their business. It’s like a relationship insurance policy for VIP’s. We’re talking about the very top echelon of your clients, customers, staff or referral partners that make their business a success. 
Check our Corporate Gifting here.

“we’re about effortless gifting of personality-packed gift boxes
you know they’ll love, remember, talk about & keep!”

One research question that told us a lot was…
“when it comes to buying a gift, I wish…”

These were the top 4 responses:

  1. I had super-human powers to read minds & find the perfect gift.
  2. I could easily find unique, practical, premium gifts that they would love. 
  3. I had a memory like an elephant so I never forgot a date again.
  4. I could buy one BIG gift with others (and everyone just chip’s in the $$$)

We can’t grant super-powers, but we can problem solve.

So, we’ve developed some really helpful tools!

Our personality profiler that matches our gift boxes to people’s personality traits, likes, dislikes, age, gender and more. We’ve made it super-simple (and fun) for the buyer.


Our free reminder service that helps everyone who’s thoughtful, …but a little forgetful when it comes to buying gifts. Pop in your details and we send you a little reminder nudge before the date (we’ve all been there).


  • You can now split the cost of every Troppolicious gift box with others.
  • One person (the organiser) selects the perfect gift
  • Others are notified and just chip in their share of the cost.