5 ways to find last minute gifts

So, you’ve woken up in a cold sweat realising your besties birthday is just 2 days away! It can be some people’s worst nightmare and it happens a little more often than you might think. Now that you’ve accepted the fact that you’re in a crappy situation – not all it lost. Finding that brilliant, thoughtful, and unique gift that you know they’ll love normally requires some forethought, but with a creative plan, you can still snag a great last-minute pressie.

Here are five ideas that just might save the day.

  1. Remember… you’re not buying for you.   Yes – I’m stating the bleeding obvious. but the ridiculously old saying of ‘put yourself in their shoes’ is well known for a very good reason. It works every-single-time. Ask yourself a few probing questions to transport yourself into their world and don’t forget to write down your answers. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy process, but try to be honest because you’re trying to get inside their head. Think of questions like:
    – Where are they in their life regarding career, family life and ambitions?
    – What’s really important to them right now?
    – Do they have a passion or cause that they love?
    – How are they spending any free time they have?

    This will be a great idea generator for you and put some real focus on the categories you should research today (hey – did you write down those answers?)
  2. Look for a physical gift first. Gift cards can be your ‘plan B’ – if you seriously want to impress your bestie, a gift they can touch & feel will always win out over any (you obviously forgot me…) last minute gift-card.
    Unfortunately, you’re going to be limited to your local region. With only hours to go, you simply don’t have the luxury of buying something too far away. A great tip for next year is to set a reminder and plan a little ahead. We’ve built a free Gift Reminder for this exact reason. Whatever way you do it, we recommend starting to look for gift ideas about 2 weeks out for any important occasion to allow plenty of time for finding and receiving something awesome. 
  3. Make it fun – Birthday celebrations are typically about joy (unless you’re dealing with an OMG… I’m getting so old bestie situation). Adding fun to a gift is always a winner. Now is a great time to push you’re bestie a little out of their comfort zone to try something new, especially if you join them in the challenge. It doesn’t have to be some crazy, extreme sport. What about learning how do Macrame or grow some indoor veges / herbs, maybe take on a monster puzzle together. There’s lots of creative ways to have a fun experience without bungie jumping.
  4. Gift wrap yourself  – Huh? Okay…. I don’t mean literally, but think about it… they’re your bestie so they enjoy spending time with you! Given you’ve been a bad bestie and left it all so late, why not put together an itinerary of afternoon activities that you know they’ll love and you can do it together. Personal, memorable experiences can be a great gift for people who don’t really need anything at all (AKA – most of us).
  5. Let them choose… sort of… So your bestie will think it’s a total cop out to hand over a gift card, but it’s an option right? In my opinion – not really. Whilst gift sites offer awesome cards options, let’s agree they are generally considered as a great option for giving someone a gift who is not close by. 
  6. However, you can make a bit of an event out of choosing a gift online, without handing over any gift code in a cheap supermarket card. Here’s what I would do:
    – Find a gift site I love. Buy a bottle of wine.
    – Sit down together with your bestie and said bottle of wine.
    – Explore the giftbox options together and enjoy the browse (whilst enjoying you know what).
    – Once you get down to a few potentials – send them away and finalise the sale. 

Why? Because everyone likes a little surprise, so you can do the final selection before completing the order (and use your cheeky 10% discount code that you grabed earlier😉) and of course, extend the birthday celebration banter until the gift arrives.


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